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 Official Rules

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PostSubject: Official Rules   Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:35 am

3 Warnings = 1 Banning

1st Ban = 1 Day
2nd Ban = 2 Days
3rd Ban = 4 Days
4th Banning = 1 Week
5th Banning = 2 Weeks
And So On.

Failure To Follow These Rules Will Result In A Warning. Something Repeatedly Done, Or Something REALLY Bad Will Resulting In Temporary Banning. (For 1-7 Days)

Please Don't Post the same thing, or same subject twice. It is annoying, and wastes posts.

SEARCH before posting! It's so simple, just hit search, and type in your questions, If you cannot find your question, LOOK IN FAQs. If you can't find it by searching, or looking in the FAQs section, THEN you may post in the "?Questions?" Section.

No SWEARING, or Being Rude in Any Way - This will result in immediate warnings!

No Typing In Red&Bold Please. This Is For Important Notices Only. (You may type in JUST red, or JUST bold, Not both though.)

NO Impersonating Me! That Goes For All of you! Do NOT make your user name BubbleGum!
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Official Rules
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